Mini-vacation: Portland

MT and I got away for a few days last week to Portland. a.k.a. PDX. a.k.a. Stumptown. a.k.a. City of Roses. I think it also has other nicknames…but I digress.

I went there for work for a couple of days, and MT flew out on Thursday to meet me so that we could have three nights and two full days on our own in this fair city. The weather even cooperated for us…the usually-rainy city granted us many hours of sunshine while we were exploring!

We enjoyed some awesome cuisine. Portlanders looove their food is all I can say. And, cholesterol-laden options abound.

My favorite meal was a three way tie between my shrimp-and-crab stuffed salmon filet at Jake’s Famous Crawfish, my fennel sausage scramble at Screen Door and our biscuit sandwiches at Pine State Biscuits. Plus, all of these restaurants had fun and distinctive atmospheres.

Other activities besides eating included:

Browsing the aisles of Powell’s Books (I restrained myself and didn’t buy ANYTHING)

Driving up the Columbia River Gorge and stopping at several gorgeous waterfalls along the way

Columbia River Gorge

Lunching at a microbrewery “brew pub” in Hood River with a view of the Columbia River

Outlet mall shopping
Touring the Pittock Mansion

Touring Widmer Brothers Brewing Company

Visiting the Portland Japanese Gardens

Shopping at downtown chain stores that we could have easily shopped at in St. Louis. This may or may not have included Nordstrom Rack. MT may or may not have found a pair of hiking boots marked down to $40 from $130.

….Spending most of Sunday waiting in the PDX airport after missing our flight…partially due to aforementioned Pine State biscuits breakfast.

All in all, it was a great trip! Let me know if you have any questions about Portland. I’d heartily recommend as a long weekend getaway.

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One Response to Mini-vacation: Portland

  1. Janelle says:

    Love the Nordstrom Rack shout out. It’s probably safe to say that if you are traveling with MT you will find a NR to stop at.

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