Weekend: highs and lows

This past weekend flew by, as usual. And, as usual, there were some highs…and some lows. Let’s play, shall we?

High: Picking MT up at the airport on Friday night, back from a trip to China

Low: MT’s spring allergies prohibiting us from driving with the windows open

High: Walking with my BFF aunt around Kirkwood on Saturday morning

Low: Pounding headache for most of Saturday afternoon = lack of energy to put together our monstrous hammock from my hermanita and brother-in-law

High: Beating my parents’ table at a trivia night on Saturday night–even though we were short a person!

Low: Missing a trivia question about the Pony Express that my lil’ trivia-buff bro knew the answer to

High: Running in the Go! St. Louis marathon relay for the fourth year in a row

Note: gentleman taking this photo seemed very disoriented, and first tried to take photo with camera facing towards him instead of us.

Low: Running 7.5 miles in unseasonably warm and humid weather

High: Capping off the race with a raspberry hefeweizen and the bacon-wrapped meatloaf muffin at Schlafly’s Tap Room

Low: Pounding headache upon waking up from post-run nap later on Sunday afternoon

And…we’ll end on a high: my wonderful hubby putting together all of our new patio furniture outside, despite his bad allergies. What a keeper!! {The hubby, not the patio furniture…though the furniture is great too!}

How was your weekend? Any highs/lows?

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2 Responses to Weekend: highs and lows

  1. Rachel says:

    First, you look so fresh after your run! Second, I can’t believe you ate that thing – it looks like delicious death.

    Hmmm… highs and lows…

    High: walking in a beautiful downtown Columbia neighborhood in the dark with the hubby

    Low: Felt dog tired for no reason. In a strange way it almost felt good.

    High: Making cookies and hummus for my lady friends

    Low: Testing said cookies – yum.

    High: BBQ with friends

    Low: My friend had to cancel our hang out date

    I think I cheated… some of my lows aren’t really lows, but that’s a good thing, right?

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