Utah Roadtrip: Part 1

On a rainy May Thursday evening, MT and I set out upon our epic journey–our first real road trip as a married couple. We had an ambitious itinerary ahead of us, camping supplies, a random assortment of junk and not-so-junky food, an audiobook on my iPod, and lots of enthusiasm.

That first day didn’t test us too much–we only had to drive two hours west to Mama T’s house in Columbia. We woke up before 5 a.m. the next morning to say bye bye before she headed off to work, and then hopped in the car, headed towards Denver, where MT’s sister lives.

MT’s sister lives in an awesome building that has been converted into condos and a hair salon–it used to be a firehouse, so the hair salon is aptly named “The Firehaus.”

We got to spend time with MT’s niece and nephew–two of the cutest littles you ever did see! London, who was turning five the day after we left Denver, loved playing with my hair and showing us her room, and Rome was Mr. Smiles even though he’s only met us a handful of times. Wish we could have stayed longer, but we had five national parks to see!

The next phase of the journey was a tad nerve-wracking…we drove through a fairly robust snow shower in the mountains west of Denver. Wasn’t prepared for that. Prayer was involved.

Eventually, thanks to MT’s driving skillz, we made it out of the snow and to the Utah border. Whew!

We didn’t waste any time–kept heading straight for the first Utah destination–Arches National Park.

{We took this photo when we were leaving the park the next day, but it works better here, ya know?}

We drove into the park and decided on the hike to Tower Arch, which was in the Klondike Bluffs area of the park. (3.4 miles round trip)

There’s something different about the sky out there. I could stare at it for hours…

Oh, and the natural arches aren’t too bad either.

I thought these rock cairns that guide you along the trails were so fun! They remind me of my years in Girl Scouts. Awww.

Next, it was on to Arches’ most famous spot, which also appears on Utah license plates . . .

Delicate Arch!

It’s so beautiful in person; photos can’t do it justice. Its surroundings are so expansive. The park staff suggests visiting Delicate Arch at sunset because its the most flattering time for taking photos. We hiked up there around 7:30 p.m. and more and more people gathered. The bummer was that a lot of them wanted to take a picture right under the arch, which kinda sorta ruins it for the rest of us who are trying to take photos of the arch by itself.

This photo is sort of funky…it looks like we are superimposed on a background . . . but we were really there!

We were pretty pooped, so we headed back into Moab before the sun set all the way. Technically. We ate some yummies at a restaurant in town, checked into our hotel, and hit the hay! The next day, there was more to explore in Arches…

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2 Responses to Utah Roadtrip: Part 1

  1. laurahartson says:

    really want to visit arches national park, it looks absolutely breathtaking. glad you are having a good trip and cant wait to read about more of your trip!

  2. ltruong says:

    We, kiddos especially, loved seeing you guys. Now if only we can get Martin to let London comb and fix up his hair with ribbons and barrettes…

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