Utah Roadtrip: Part 2

Our second day in Arches started bright and early…we set out on the Devil’s Garden Trail and stopped to admire Landscape Arch. I loved Delicate Arch, but Landscape Arch might have been my favorite. It actually experienced some rock falls in the 90s, which is part of the reason why it’s so incredibly thin at the top.

From Landscape Arch, we continued down the trail towards Double O Arch. This is the part where I discovered that MT is afraid of heights. Who knew? I didn’t. My Asian Sully wasn’t as prone to frolicking around on cliffs as I had thought…there may have been a few hand-holding moments. But the scenery was spectacular!

Those pieces of rock that jut out are called fins. (I can tell you many other fun and nerdy facts about rock formations after reading the official “Park News” newspaper.) The trail that we were hiking actually goes along some of those fins, so you have a bit of a drop off on either side of you as you’re hiking. It was awesome!

We made it safely to Double O Arch. The hard part was fitting both O’s in the photo. Our friendly German photographer didn’t manage to show the upper O.

Here’s the top arch of the Double O…isn’t she a beauty?

MT is happy that we’re not out on a rock fin anymore.

We headed back towards the trailhead. Did I mention that Utah is gorgeous?

Rock cairn! With La Sal Mountains in the background.

We checked out some more arches along the trail.

Turret Arch…this was a fun one.

North and South Windows…with a lot of European tourists in the foreground 🙂

Double Arch…this might have been MT’s favorite. It was a fun one to crawl up under and have some photos taken.

A nice man took our photo and told us how much we would like Zion National Park.

That pretty much wrapped up our second day in Arches. It was a pretty long day and a lot of time in the sun, so by the end of the afternoon we were pretty baked and dehydrated. We actually had to take a break in the mid-afternoon to take a short nap in the car in one of the parking lots–yeah, we’re high class. It didn’t bother MT in the least–he was snoring like a champ!

The next day was one of our favorites of the entire trip, but alas, I have no photos of it, because I was afraid of bringing even our cheap camera. We went rafting on the Colorado River through its most intense section–Cataract Canyon! It was awesome. The rapids were waaaay intense, and because of the deep snow pack in the Rockies this past winter, the water was higher and faster than usual. Our guide was a true character and we had some interesting co-rafters on our boat who kept us entertained throughout the day. We went with Tag-a-Long Expeditions, and were very pleased. (Except for our helicopter ride that never showed up back to Moab. But that was the weather’s fault…)

The next day, we checked out of our hotel in Moab and headed towards the Island in the Sky District of Canyonlands National Park. Canyonlands is so big that you need to choose an area of the park to focus on–the other districts are the Needles District, in the southeast, and The Maze, which is in the southwest. The Maze is the most isolated section of the park–and is the location of the real-life 127 Hours story. The weather that day was so-so…it drizzled on us a little bit. But, it was really cool to see the rain in the distance.

I found out later on in the roadtrip that MT did not appreciate my old, bent up, ratty yellow visor. What’s up with that??

There’s still a lot more of beautiful southern Utah to see with us, so look for the rest of the roadtrip soon…

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