Surprise Visit to Charleston

Before Labor Day weekend, with only one-and-a-half-day’s notice, my brother-in-law Sam and I hatched a plan: I would fly to Charleston, S.C. to surprise my sister Rachel (affectionately known as hermanita) with a three-day visit. Sam just started medical school about two weeks ago, so this is an adjustment period for both of them. And, I haven’t seen them since last Christmas, so some time together was long overdue.

We pulled it off–Rachel was incredibly surprised! Sam told her that they were going to the airport to pick up his friend, and then he said, “Hey, that looks like your sister standing there!” She screamed and cried and laughed–it was wonderful 🙂

While in Charleston, I . . .

Giggled with Rachel

Admired lots of beautiful houses

Drank my weight in sweet tea

Ordered and devoured the “Big Nasty Biscuit” at Hominy Grill

Admired cute bicis

Wandered along King Street, popping in and out of shops, like the Savannah Bee Company!

Randomly got to blow torch our own creme brulee at the Le Creuset store

Worshipped with Sam and Rachel at their cool church

Had a Southwest burger at Sesame Burgers

Beat Sam and Rachel at Scrabble (this is truly unprecedented!)

Visited Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Saw Professor Rachel’s office at her fancy-schmancy university job

Ate the best french fries of my life

Gave thanks to God for being able to spend three awesome days and nights with my beautiful hermanita, Rachel and my BIL Sam!

(Thanks for helping with the surprise, Sam 🙂 )

Anyone else ever visited Charleston?

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2 Responses to Surprise Visit to Charleston

  1. Naomi S says:

    Love that picture of you at the gardens.

  2. Amanda Vaughn says:

    Oh yea! We went there several years ago and loved it. It is a beautiful town.

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