Good morning Baltimore!

It was only a matter of time before I worked a musical reference into a blog post title, right? But don’t worry…this post has nothing to do with Hairspray…or really with Baltimore, except that I flew into the BWI airport.

Earlier this month, I had a three-day weekend due to having MLK Day off from work. MT was scheduled to go on an eight-day trip to Asia, and would be gone for most of the weekend.

And, I hadn’t seen my dear friend, Naomi, since our wedding…not to mention her awesome husband, Harrison, and their lil’ guy who I hadn’t met yet, Ezra.

So, MT and I decided it would be a great weekend for me to get away and visit the little family in Germantown, MD. That’s about half-way between Washington DC and Baltimore. Unfortunately, MT’s trip got postponed a short time before I was to fly away…so instead of me spending a weekend at home alone, he was the one who got some time to himself 🙂

I flew into BWI on Friday night and Harrison picked me right up! He even brought me a delicious apple to munch on during the long commute to their apartment–which also inspired a discussion about our mutual apple snobbery (just say no to red delicious and golden delicious! you’ll thank us later!)

The weekend included lots of cuddling with Ezra, delicious Madison-inspired food cooked by Naomi, visits to some notable spots in our nation’s capital, some good Asian eats at local restaurants, and lots of talking about babies, pregnancy, The Hunger Games, cloth diapering, our favorite blog, books, George Washington, and more!

Gourmet breakfast on Saturday morning–homemade smoothie and chocolate chip pumpkin bread!

We ventured into Washington, D.C. on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday’s visit included the National Portrait Gallery, lunch at Teaism, and a quick visit to the American History Museum.

Naomi, Harrison and Ezra on Pennsylvania Ave. (Ezra’s bundled up on the stroller, of course).

Naomi and me in the same spot:

One of the highlights for me at the American History Museum was the First Ladies’ Gowns, including Michelle Obama’s gown from the 2009 inaugural ball:

On Sunday, we visited the National Cathedral in Georgetown, which was amazingly huge and beautiful, and then walked around downtown Georgetown a bit, popping into some shops…Naomi and I also searched for the Georgetown West Elm store in the cold while Harrison (and Ezra, such a trooper!) waited in line for half an hour outside of Georgetown Cupcake.

It was worth the wait, right guys??

Naomi tried the salted caramel, which was awesome. I can’t remember Harrison’s flavor…I chose the carrot cake, which is always a safe bet…but Naomi’s was way better 🙂

Of course, one of the major highlights of the weekend was getting to meet this guy:

Thanks for a great weekend dear friends!

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One Response to Good morning Baltimore!

  1. Naomi S says:

    No, thank you! And I love the random Hairspray reference – it’s playing somewhere around here because I keep hearing ads on the radio. Nice pics of the cathedral and Georgetown Cupcake. I’m already dreaming of my next visit.

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