Our Lil’ Asian Nugget is a Girl!

Last week, we found out whether Baby T would get more pink or boy clothes.

Is it an Aragorn or an Eowyn?

A Martin Jr. or a Martina?

A Dick or a Jane?

A dude or a chick?

A Sonny or a Cher?

A little Lego-builder or a Barbie-dresser?

My mom and two sisters were convinced Baby T was a girl…

And they were right!

We got to see lots of photos of lil’ Baby T…she certainly put on a show! She moved throughout the entire ultrasound–the tech was laughing and said that she rarely sees a baby move this much. MT says that she has my “hyper” personality. We shall see! The tech also noted that since our little one is so active, I better enjoy my sleep while I can, because she might be keeping me up at night…so I’ll continue enforcing my 9:30-10ish bedtime for as long as possible, thankyouverymuch.

We’re so glad that you’re doing well in there and appear to be healthy, little girl! We can’t wait to meet you!

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