Welcome Abigail!

The newest member of our extended family arrived early on Saturday morning.

Meet Abigail Michaela.

She was so tiny!! She weighed 7 lbs., 15 oz. Was 20 inches long. Felt light as a feather when I held her. How was Miriam ever this little? Abi is already at home and Aaron is getting used to having a little sister. So far, she’s survived πŸ™‚

I realize that my own child looks somewhat squished and uncomfortable in this photo, but she was thrilled, I can assure you.Β 

Here’s the happy little family of four:

MT and I got to introduce Miriam to her cousin:

Lots of photo opps were happening in that little hospital room. Upon stepping out into the hall for some fresh air, I noticed there must have been some new parents who were LOTR fans across the hall…their son’s middle name was Rohan. “Warriors of Rohan, will you ride with me??” But I digress…

Let’s wrap up this lovefest with a photo of the grandparents and lil’ Abi. Grandma and Grandpa are nothing if not devoted Cardinals fans…

Congrats Grace and Michael!!

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2 Responses to Welcome Abigail!

  1. Grace Tarr says:

    Love the post and great pictures – can I have that close up one? It’s better than any of ours from the hospital. However, I have to correct that she was actually 7 lb 15 oz.

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