Eight Months

Miriam passed the eight month mark two days ago. We are two-thirds through her first year! She is at such a fun age. We can play peek-a-boo, have ABBA dance parties, sing together, look at books, make each other laugh…


And, she takes fairly regular naps! Let the heavens rejoice!


At eight months, she

  • takes two naps/day of 1-2 hours each
  • sleeps about 11 hours–usually uninterrupted–at night
  • nurses four times/day: first thing in the morning, before morning nap, mid-afternoon, and before bed
  • eats twice/day: lunch and dinner {but does NOT really care for baby food}
  • claps her hands
  • tries to “sing” along with music or with people when they sing

Today, due to the snow and sleet happening all day, we did not leave the house AT ALL. I don’t know when the last time was that we didn’t at least go out for a short walk. I knew that we would probably have to sit tight today to see how the storm went, and I was a little worried that I would lose my mind, but we did ok. I read quite a bit of Jane Eyre while Miriam napped, worked on Bible study, did an inventory of her 12-month size clothing, did some filing, laundry, and other exciting household tasks 🙂

Once I got used to the idea, it was actually a nice change of pace having nowhere to go and just watching the first flakes, then the sleet, then more flakes fall outside all day long. And then, around 3:30, I heard a weird quasi-cracking sound, and looked out the front door to see this:


Yikes. That’s gonna take a few minutes to take care of this weekend.

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