Nine Months

Miriam turned nine months old last week…we don’t have official height/weight stats yet since our doctor’s appointment isn’t until next week. I think she weighs around 20 lbs., but we’ll just have to wait to find out for sure.


The last couple of days have been a little rough…baby girl has a bad diaper rash and a runny nose…she’s been extra clingy and whiny  Today, the only napping she did was in the jogging stroller on a walk. She did have time in her crib in the morning and afternoon but never would go to sleep. Sigh. I get stressed out on days like this, starting to worry that there’s something deep inside her that’s wrong and I can’t figure out…and also worry that she’s not getting enough sleep. Today was a lot better than it could have been, though. I made myself pause and enjoy the moments with her–even the clingy ones–trying to take mental pictures of what she’s like at this age and enjoy the fact that she’s following me around and wanting to be near me every minute, because we know that won’t last forever! I also made an effort to stop and praise God for His faithfulness and give thanks for her fun little personality, her health, etc. instead of wallowing in despairing thoughts (i.e., WHY ARE YOU STILL CRYING???).

It also didn’t hurt to listen to an episode of This American Life while folding laundry…this drowned out her on-and-off crying when I has first put her down for her afternoon nap.

All in all, she’s a blessing from our gracious Lord that we definitely don’t deserve. We’re looking forward to celebrating our first Easter as a family of three this weekend!


Some nine-month highlights:

Favorite things to do: crawl, clap, stick fingers in everyone’s months, pull up on furniture or people’s legs to stand, hold on to someone’s fingers or hands while standing, sway to music, bounce up and down while standing–pretty much anything that has to do with standing!

Favorite foods: avocado, quinoa, broccoli, egg yolk, green beans, chicken…she seems to prefer vegetables to fruits so far–awesome!

Solids eating schedule: Lunch around 12, Dinner around 5:30. Sometimes a snack of Cheerios or puffs at some point during the day. Time for us to move to three meals a day…I did a casual “breakfast” of dry Cheerios this morning…I guess that’s a start.

Nursing schedule: Most days, four times/day: first thing in the morning (7 a.m.), before morning nap (9 a.m.), before afternoon nap (3:30ish), and before bed (7 p.m.). Trying to start cutting this down to three times/day in the next few weeks. Probably will drop the mid-morning one if I’m adding solid food breakfast into the mix…but I’m afraid of negatively affecting her morning nap. Nursing is a nice way of calming her down and helping her get sleepy…it’s kind of a crutch. 😛

Newest skill: holding and drinking from a sippy cup on her own (two days ago)


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