One Year

On June 19, Miriam turned one!

IMG_0724 IMG_0729

MT was able to take off work and we enjoyed a nice, chill day with just our little family of three. In the morning, pre-nap, we went for a long walk to the park and through our neighborhood. Later, we headed to McAlister’s for lunch (MT did not believe that it was Miriam’s choice…but what I can say? She shares her mama’s taste in food and sweet tea ;)), then we got to enjoy our friend’s pool for a few hours before heading home for nap #2. We wrapped up with a delish dinner at my aunt and uncle’s house, since we were without cabinets and counter tops in our new kitchen {BIG house update coming soon!!}. We picked up some enormous cupcakes at CostCo on the way there so that she could have some form of cake to smash on her special day…she had no hesitation…went straight for that icing like she was a cake-eating pro. It was hilarious (and really messy).


All in all, it was a great laid-back day.


I tried not to set my expectations unreasonably high for what I/we will be able to do as a family to celebrate Miriam’s (and any future children’s) birthdays, but one thing that I would really like to try to establish as a tradition is writing each child a letter on their birthday and saving them to give to them when they turn 18. I think this could be a really good practice for me and a really sweet memento for her/them. So far, I’m 1 for 1!

Happy Birthday to the girl who made us parents! We love you so much.

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