Introducing Beatrice Ruth

On the evening of May 10, we welcomed our second daughter, Beatrice Ruth. She arrived quite quickly! She is an incredibly laid-back baby…her little cries are so mild and quiet that they’re cute 🙂 Several people have asked, after being around her for a while, if she ever cries at all! IMG_5474

Miriam is smitten with her sister and loves to hold her, touch her, give her kisses, pull on her hands and fingers, and press on her tummy (we’re working on those last two).


We call her both Beatrice and Bea (like Bee or the letter B) and just this last week finally got Miriam to start calling her Bea instead of just Baby.


Beatrice weighed 7 lbs., 11 oz., and was 20 inches long (there’s a bit of debate about that since MT claims he heard them say 21 inches at first…but the official records say 20 inches so we’re sticking with that).

She is definitely more of a “grunter” than a crier…there was a lot of grunting during her first weeks…it’s decreased a bit now but it definitely made us laugh a lot and wonder if she was just pooping ALL. THE. TIME. I guess that was just her preferred method of self-expression since she wasn’t as much of a crier.


We love her to pieces and of course think that every grunt, toot, poop, smile, and yelp is amazing.


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